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Director General Hsieh Tsui-chuan

Received her Ph.D. from the National Chiao Tung University Institute of Information Management. Qualified for the Level Three Civil Service Senior Examination in the Information processing category.

Work experience includes service in local and central government agencies. Has over 10 years of experience promoting information-related works at local governments; served as an associate technical specialist, section chief, senior technical specialist, and research and evaluation office vice director at the Taipei County Government and Taichung County Government.

Additionally, has over 15 years of experience promoting digital service-related works. Served as an analyst, chief, senior systems analyst, deputy director, and director at the Executive Yuan Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and National Development Council.

Strives to promote a digital environment with cyber security, increase awareness and competency for the secure use of network services, thus forming more resilient information and communication system services.

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