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Minister Yennun Huang

Yennun Huang
  • Jun. 1982
    BS, EE, National Taiwan University.
  • Dec. 1986
    MS, CS, University of Maryland at College Park.
  • Dec. 1989
    Ph.D., CS, University of Maryland at College Park.
  • Sep. 1989-Jan. 1997
    Distinguished Member of Technical Staff/Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs.
  • Jan. 1997–Jan. 2001
    Director, AT&T Labs.
  • Jan. 2001–Feb. 2004
    VP of Engineering, Precache Inc.
  • Feb. 2004–Jan. 2007
    Executive Director, AT&T Labs.
  • Feb. 2007-Oct. 2008
    Executive Vice President, Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan.
  • Oct. 2008-Feb. 2011
    President, Veetime Co.
  • Feb. 2011-
    Distinguished Research Fellow/Research Fellow, Academia Sinica.
  • Feb. 2011-Jul. 2016, Mar. 2024-
    CEO, Security Research Center, Taiwan Information Security Center (TWISC), Academia Sinica.
  • Mar. 2011–Jul. 2015
    Deputy Executive Secretary, Board of Science and Technology (BOST), Executive Yuan, Taiwan.
  • 2012-
    Fellow, IEEE.
  • Mar. 2013–Jul. 2015
    Executive Secretary, Office of Digital Convergence , Executive Yuan, Taiwan.
  • Jul. 2013-Jul. 2015
    Board members of Telecom Technology Center (TTC).
  • Jul. 2016–Feb. 2024
    Director, Research Center for Information Technology Innovation and Distinguished Research Fellow, Academia Sinica.
  • Jul. 2021-Apr.2024
    Board Member, Trade-Van Co.
  • 2021-
    Joint Professor, National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Tunghai University.
  • Nov. 2023-
    Chairman, Computer Society of Republic of China.
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