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Enhancing the Resilience of Communications Network

The moda has embarked on multiple programs encompassing land, sea, and air domains to enhance the overall resilience of communications infrastructure. These initiatives integrate various communication networks, including fixed networks, mobile networks, satellite networks, and subsea cables, and also involve planning communication resource allocation mechanisms. This comprehensive approach aims to elevate the resilience of the communications network of Taiwan, ensuring that our government command structure, disaster relief units, and the general populace can maintain essential and secure communication even in extreme circumstances.

Land-based Communication: Planning to establish a disaster roaming mechanism, allowing citizens to maintain essential and secure communication rights during significant disasters, even if the services of their contracted mobile network are interrupted, by enabling access to other operational mobile networks. Additionally, verifying the Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) communication system, which offers dedicated and prioritized mobile communication network services to disaster relief units, effectively enhancing disaster response efficiency.

Maritime Communication: Due to geopolitical factors, Taiwan relies heavily on submarine cables for external communication. Therefore, we plan to expand the construction of international subsea cable landing stations, reinforcing security measures and redundancy to ensure the safety of subsea cables and the smooth connection of external networks.

Aerial Communication: Through a Proof of Concept (PoC) approach, we verify the feasibility of using non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite links as an emergency backup communication network to ensure the continuity of government command and control systems during emergencies. Additionally, there are plans to establish a 5G cloud-based core network abroad, providing the government's command and control systems maintain stable mobile communication capabilities even during commercial mobile network failures.

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