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Enhancing the Security Protection of Communications Critical Infrastructure

The communications sector's critical infrastructure (CI) serves as the neural network for other critical infrastructure and is the cornerstone of our digital society. Its significance must be balanced; therefore, strengthening security measures is imperative to ensure critical communications infrastructure's resilience, security, and trustworthiness. This is crucial for maintaining the stability of government functions, socioeconomic activities, and more in our society.

The moda adheres to the 'National Guidelines for Security Protection of National Critical Infrastructure' issued by the National Security Office of the Executive Yuan to enhance the protection capabilities of critical communications infrastructure. We continuously oversee that critical infrastructure operators in the communications sector draft and implement security protection plans. These plans address a range of scenarios, including natural disasters, cybersecurity incidents, accidents, malicious attacks, unconventional threats, and military threats. They encompass preventative measures, real-time detection, reporting, and post-incident recovery procedures. Additionally, annual protection exercises are conducted to ensure that infrastructure operators maintain a dynamic approach to adjusting their protection mechanisms, thus strengthening the resilience and continuous operation of telecommunications networks.
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