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The Program of Strengthening Infrastructure Construction of the Digital Resilience and Accessibility of the Mobile Broadband Network in Rural Areas

In order to widen network coverage and strengthen the resilience of web accessibility in rural areas, the Ministry of Digital Affairs subsidizes telecom operators to build mobile broadband networks in rural areas in compliance with the budget of Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program approved by the Executive Yuan, so that citizens enjoy conveniences of mobile broadband and the accessibility of telecommunication in rural areas can be improved.

The Project of Subsiding Telecom Operators to Establish Mobile Broadband Base Stations in Rural Areas: the moda encourages telecom operators to build high-speed mobile broadband base stations in important rural locations such as rural settlements and main roads, in order to increase the network coverage of mobile broadband in rural areas and enable rural residents to enjoy high-speed mobile broadband services. The project aims to improve the accessibility of broadband in rural areas by constructing more than 95 mobile broadband base stations from 2023 to 2024.

The Project of Improving the Communication Infrastructures Constructions for Disaster Prevention and Relief Operations: the moda encourages telecom operators to build disaster response mobile communication platforms that provide base station equipment or antenna expansion function, strengthening communication, disaster resistance or backup capabilities to improve the reliability of network coverage by optimizing existing mobile communication platforms. The project aims to build and optimize 39 platforms in 2023 and 34 platforms in 2024, ensuring platforms provide network connectivity to transmit disaster information in real time and functions of urgent mobile communications and rapid rescue.

The Project of Improving the Quality of Mobile Communication in Mountain Regions: the goal of this project is to build mobile broadband infrastructures in mountain areas and national park trails to effectively improve mobile network coverage, quality of mobile communication, efficiency of emergency rescue and better mobile communication services for tourists in mountain areas, important climbing areas and adjacent areas in national parks, reducing the mountain climbing disasters and illegal logging. The project also encouraged telecom operators to enhance mobile communication quality in 14 mountain areas where recommended by the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency to ensure accessibility of emergency telephone numbers at important mountain areas.

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