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Program for the Resilience of the 3D network Plan

This four-year (2023-2026) technology program aligns with the Executive Yuan's 'Smart Nation Program (2021-2025)' and is part of the Digital Infrastructure Development Strategy. It is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the National Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of Digital Affairs, and the Digital Industry Development Bureau. The program's primary goal is establishing a low-latency 3D network environment on land, sea, and air in Taiwan, ensuring our country's strategic position in the Asia-Pacific network landscape.

1. Enhancing Fiber Cable Channel: Led by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, this component focuses on improving the foundational infrastructure for land, sea, and air networks. It aims to expand the connections between fiber optic cable channels and existing subsea cable landing stations.

2. Encouraging the Expansion of Submarine Cable Landing Stations: Under the leadership of the moda, this component draws inspiration from policies and measures implemented in advanced countries to promote subsea cable development. It encourages the expansion of neutral submarine cable landing stations while strengthening the resilience of existing neutral submarine cable landing stations.

3. Public-Private Collaboration and International Strategic Partnerships: Spearheaded by the moda, this component involves setting up a single-window project office with multi-stakeholder representation to coordinate relevant ministries. It aims to collectively address the complexities of administrative procedures for submarine cable deployment. Additionally, it promotes establishing international information and cloud application service giants in Taiwan, facilitating partnerships with domestic enterprises to create an industry ecosystem. This approach focuses on driving the transformation and upgrading of domestic industry players through application-oriented services.

4. Supporting Research on the Land, Sea, and Air Multi-Broadband Networks and Service Access Architecture for Digital Resilience:  Led by the moda, this component plans to establish a cross-multi-broadband network backup architecture aligned with the National Advanced Network Infrastructure Plan. It aims to validate the effectiveness of backup mechanisms and the availability of critical application services, thereby enhancing the country's overall broadband network and digital service resilience.

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