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Digital Net Zero Collaboration

In order to expedite progress toward achieving net-zero emissions, moda is focusing on its role in driving digital transformation for net-zero carbon emissions. It is planning and promoting public-private partnerships to create a digital net-zero paradigm, fostering cross-border digital net-zero collaboration at both the domestic and international levels.

1. Aligning with the 2050 Net Zero Emission Pathway and Promoting Net-Zero Policies in the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda).

In line with Taiwan's "2050 Net Zero Emission" goal, moda is developing pathways and strategies for net-zero development in collaboration with relevant industries. This includes enhancing awareness of net-zero and carbon accounting capabilities. Additionally, to promote transparency and the open-source concept, moda is working in partnership with the public and private sectors to develop viable digital tools and mechanisms. These tools will assist both public and private entities in showcasing their digital and net-zero transformation initiatives.

2. Inviting Global Participation in the Presidential Hackathon to Explore Potential Digital Net Zero Applications 

The "Presidential Hackathon" is Taiwan's highest-level hackathon competition. Since 2019, it has incorporated an international track, encouraging the exchange of hacker experiences domestically and internationally, fostering international cooperation, and promoting the spirit of hacker collaboration and sharing. The competition leverages open data and digital technology to demonstrate Taiwan's contribution and responsibility towards global sustainable development.

In 2023, the "Presidential Hackathon International Track" was hosted by the moda for the first time, with the theme "Free the Future: Open, Digital & Green." The event focused on the three major pillars of democracy, digitalization, and net-zero emissions. Through open data and digital technology, it aimed to promote sustainable net-zero emissions while ensuring fair and diverse participation. This event provided a platform for brainstorming with exceptional talent from around the world to consolidate consensus on global problem-solving.

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