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International Digital Democracy Dialogue

In order to strengthen the understanding of Taiwan's achievements in digital democracy, the moda actively engages in dialogues and collaborations with various countries. This helps foster international friendships, expand our international visibility, and promote opportunities for digital development.

1. Participating in International Digital Development Policy Exchange Activities 

To increase Taiwan's international participation in the field of digital trade and safeguard our influence in the digital domain, the moda has undertaken the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Digital Economy Steering Group (APEC DESG) since 2023. We actively exchange views on digital economic development issues with digital trade partners such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Chile. Additionally, in response to the discussions on various topics initiated by the Joint Statement Initiative (JSI) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), we analyze our country's position. In terms of bilateral international digital cooperation, the moda conducts dialogues and collaborations with the European Union and the United States through initiatives like the Dialogue on Digital Economy (DDE) and the Digital Economy Forum (DEF).

2. Participating in and Holding Digital Development Forums and International Collaborations 

(1) In alignment with national policies and following the schedule of the Office of Trade Negotiations of the Executive Yuan, we engage in negotiations on digital economic-related issues, including the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade, Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) with the UK, and digital trade negotiations within the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

(2) Recognizing that digital technology's rapid evolution has implications for democratic societies, not just in government-to-government digital economic cooperation but also in understanding the impact of digital technology on the functioning of democracy, the moda collaborate with Lithuania to promote the Free Digital Democracy Dialogue Forum (F3D) starting from 2023. This forum invites experts from the public and private sectors in the digital field to engage in in-depth discussions on digital democracy development-related topics. In 2023, Taiwan officially became an observer in the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) under its own name. The moda, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participates in FOC activities and collaborates with members on issues such as internet disruptions, digital equality, artificial intelligence, human rights, and industry perspectives.

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