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ODF Application Tools

To encourage government staff members to use the Open Document Format (ODF) in their work, the Ministry has developed the "ODF Application Tools" for government agencies. The features are as follows:

  • Edit standard ODF documents
  • Support conversions from commercial format documents to ODF documents
  • Provide a set of official document templates
  • Support CNS 11643 Standard Interchange Code
  • Provide an issue report system, establish a customer service procedure and consultation service, and consolidate issues raised by users and solutions into a searchable archive

Download links:

  • Two versions, for Windows 64-bit and Windows 32-bit, are available for download (to check your operating system specifications, left click "Start," type "msinfo," and select "System Information." If your system type is x64, it is 64-bit, and if it is x86, it is 32-bit. For details, see this link). The ODF Application Tools adopt open-source software specifications, follow the guidelines of Mozilla Public License v 2.0, and share relevant software development information with the international community and domestic IT service providers. Please follow the licensing guidelines when using the resources and create a friendly open-source environment.
    • Installation file for version 3.3.3 (32-bit) (MD5 checksum, checksum used to confirm file integrity)
    • Installation file for version 3.3.3 (64-bit) (MD5 checksum)
    • Version 3.3.3 Software Source Code Scan Report
  • Software installation guide
    • ODF Application Tools installation guide (PDF)
    • Windows 10 installation troubleshooting guide
  • User manual (for general users):
    • ODF Application Tools installation guide (ODT/PDF)
    • ODF Application Tools user manual (ODT/PDF)

Learning resources:

  • Online courses on the e-Learning Platform
    • From Beginner to Intermediate (1) – ODF Application Tool Writer
    • From Beginner to Intermediate (2) – ODF Application Tool Calc
    • From Beginner to Intermediate (3) – ODF Application Tool Impress
    • Base Database tool operation tutorial
  • Other online resources (note: external audio and video channels may contain advertisements that are not related to the Ministry; please proceed only if this is acceptable)
    • LIBRE OFFICE/ODF Application Tool WRITER
    • LIBRE OFFICE/ODF Application Tool CALC
    • LIBRE OFFICE/ODF Application Tool IMPRESS
  • Digital learning materials
    • Writer word processor – intermediate (file attachments)
    • Calc spreadsheet – intermediate (file attachments)
    • Impress slideshow – intermediate (file attachments)
    • ODF frequently asked questions
    • LibreOffice word processing user experience report (v20150216)
    • O! ODF Made Easy (ODF import and conversion tips)
  • The learning resources in this section are provided with the intention to popularize the ODF. If you would like to provide other tutorials here, please contact the Ministry’s staff at [email protected] or contact Mr. Lin by phone at 02-7709-4226.
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