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ODF-generating APIs (for Developers)

To better promote the ODF, the Ministry provides ODF-generating APIs to assist government agencies with directly creating ODF documents within their information systems, thus eliminating challenges related to adjusting and converting between information systems.


  • Step 1: Use the ODF API client to quickly design new ODF report templates.
  • Step 2: Upload the new ODF report templates to the ODF API server and generate API links.
  • Step 3: Convert the original reports’ array data into JSON and transfer it to the aforementioned API links via POST.
  • Step 4: Get download links to ODF reports.

Download links:

  • The ODF-generating APIs adopt open-source software specifications, follow the guidelines of Mozilla Public License v 2.0, and share relevant software development information with the international community and domestic IT service providers. Please follow the licensing guidelines when using the resources and create a friendly open-source environment.
    • ODF-generating API Server(MD5 checksum)
    • ODF-generating API Client(MD5 checksum)
    • Government agency template center installation file (MD5 checksum)
  • ODF-generating API server deployment manual – 1.3 (ODT/PDF)
  • ODF-generating API user manual – v4(1.4.0) (ODT/PDF)
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