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ODF Cloud Solution

Based on open-source software, the Ministry has developed an ODF Cloud Solution to pave way for government staff members to operate ODF documents online through portable devices.

System requirements:

  • A single host with a quad-core CPU and 16 GB RAM can support 30 documents with five connections each (five people collaborating on one file) simultaneously. Hard drive space requirements are subject to the department’s needs.
  • For departments with more users, multiple hosts with load balance architecture are needed.

Download links:

  • The ODF Cloud Solution adopts open-source software specifications, follows the guidelines of Mozilla Public License v 2.0, and shares relevant software development information with the international community and domestic IT service providers. Please follow the licensing guidelines when using the resources and create a friendly open-source environment.
    • ODF Cloud Solution installation file v2.6 (vulnerability scan report)
    • ODF Cloud Solution virtual host image file v1.6 (MD5 file integrity checksum)
  • Information regarding other management and available support tools
    • ODF Cloud backup and restoration procedures 
    • ODF Cloud status monitor procedures
    • ODF Cloud access through a mobile app
  • Manuals
    • ODF Cloud Solution deployment guide (ODT/PDF)
    • ODF Cloud Solution manual (ODT/PDF)
    • ODF Cloud Solution tutorial


  • Since this solution requires maintenance personnel with Linux operating capabilities, a preliminary maintenance evaluation must be carried out before adopting this solution. The department can provide technical advice. If you have any questions, please contact us by email ([email protected]).
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