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Digital Governance Competency Cultivation

To form the strategies for cultivating the government’s digital development and management talent and develop public servants’ digital cross-boundary governance capacity as well as digital technology application and service innovation abilities, the Ministry promotes policies according to the following three dimensions:

Digital governance policy analysis and international academic engagement
Study and analyze issues relating to digital governance in accordance with global trends, participate in international exchanges, introduce international benchmark methods, export Taiwan’s digital governance policies, expand academic interactions and overseas research collaborations, reinforce international organizations’ links and exchanges with government agencies, and promote high-quality digital governance (e-Governance Research Center).

Digital cross-boundary governance skill cultivation
In response to the digital transformation needs of government services, develop interdisciplinary competency cultivation models, hold digital governance strategy management training, enhance public servants’ digital governance application skills, strengthen government agency mid- and senior-level managers’ digital governance competency, and elevate the workforce’s digital thinking and cross-boundary governance abilities at central and local governments to prepare for new challenges.

Government agency information competency training 

  • Provide professional information skill training for public servants and transmit knowledge on new information technology. The Ministry divides courses into three categories: general courses, professional courses, and management courses. They cover fields including data science, system planning, and computer facility management. 
  • Teaching methods are divided into in-person, digital, long-distance video, and hybrid classes, combining theory and practice. Government agencies may send staff members to be trained (Government Agency Information Competency Education and Training Platform) according to work needs and work environment characteristics. Additionally, in accordance with the Executive Yuan Directorate-General of Personnel Administration’s Lifelong Learning for Civil Servants policy, create digital education content to expand learning opportunities (e-Learning Platform) to maximize the effect of training.
Digital Governance Competency Cultivation
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