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Autonomous Use of Personal Data (MyData)

To promote human-centered data use and upgrade services so paper copies of documents and proofs, as well as services that used to require in-person application at agencies, may be accessible via digital applications, the Ministry has established the "Human-Centered Data Use (MyData) Platform".

When using the platform for the first time, users must go through a two-step identity verification. Later, users may obtain personal data saved by agencies through the platform through a one-step identity verification and giving consent online. Users may send their data to government agencies or banks through on-demand, single-time transfers, which allow data saved within government agencies to be returned to the public for reasonable use. The platform offers the following three service modes:

  1. Data download: After verifying the user’s identity and obtaining consent online, the platform accesses personal data provided by government agencies (such as the Ministry of the Interior) for download and use. This includes data such as personal household registration records, national identification card images, cadaster, and actual prices, labor insurance registration records, properties, personal income, and vehicle registration records.
  2. In-person verification: Aside from personally bringing relevant documents to apply for services, the public may also download their personal data through the platform, generate corresponding barcodes, and provide them to office clerks at government agencies. Office clerks can then access the downloaded personal data through the barcode and use it for services and applications.
  3. Online service: After users download personal data provided by government agencies on the platform, they may agree to upload the data through an on-demand, single-time transfer to government agencies for personalized service use.

To protect personal privacy, the platform does not collect, process, or use the public's personal data, nor is it a database that saves the public’s personal data. It only provides data and lists of services. Users only agree to single-time data downloads and not to permanent data access. They can also query their personal data use history on the platform to know the flow of their personal data. Additionally, to improve cyber security and protection, personal data and its transfer are protected with encryption. According to the Cyber Security Management Act, the platform implements cyber security defense mechanisms and conducts third-party audits. It has also received the ISO27001 and ISO27701 data security and privacy standard certifications, meeting international information security standards and Cyber Security Management Act requirements.

MyData platform mechanisms
MyData platform mechanisms
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