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Data Altruism

To promote a wholesome data ecosystem with open data and everyone’s participation, advanced countries advocate people-centric data and propose actions of data altruism relating to the digital environment, economy, and public interest. Under data altruism, data holders are encouraged to provide data to achieve indirect social benefits, including innovative data development in daily services, environmental change, education, healthcare, public services, and public welfare. The concept highlights the cross-domain value of data and the collaborative participation between public institutions and non-profit organizations, paving the way for a new mode of digital civic engagement for social innovation.

To achieve mutual benefit in society, the Ministry encourages the public and data holders to become the data ecosystem's co-creator. The Ministry will promote data altruism programs in priority domains, encouraging individuals or data holders to participate in innovation programs by providing non-personal data. The Ministry will build a reliable exchange environment with rule-conforming mechanisms to incubate diversity, co-creation, and share innovation. Additionally, the Ministry will encourage providing rule-conforming data for non-profit, cross-domain, public welfare collaborations and develop resource connection models of cross-domain data-holding organizations, including non-profit organizations. Meanwhile, the Ministry promotes data altruism collaborations and advocates diverse data applications to achieve active civic participation in innovations and realize mutual social benefits.

Data Altruism Ecosystem



  1. Data: information collected through lawful procedures containing no personal information after processing that is available for use.
  2. Data altruism: using rule-conforming and non-personal data provided by data holders that generates indirect benefits in public welfare such as public service, innovative technology, and charity organizations, leading to diversification, co-creation, and shared innovations.

Strategies for promoting data altruism

  1. Promote data altruism application structures and rule-conforming mechanisms for diverse data.
  2. Build a diverse, inclusive ecosystem and adaptations for data altruism.
  3. Facilitate the development and application of privacy-enhancing technologies.
  4. Develop the application, sharing, and mutual benefits of data altruism.
privacy-enhancing technologies

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