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Overall Resource Planning and Policy

  1. Compile the "Table of Radio Frequency Allocations of the Republic of China (Taiwan)" according to Article 2 of the Fundamental Communications Act, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulations, and domestic needs, making transparent frequency spectrum management and allocations as well as serving as a reference for radio frequency application and assignment.
  2. Regarding everyday public radio frequency use, propose the "Radio Frequency Supply Plan" for public reference after reviewing latest international frequency spectrum resource management and technological developments and analyzing domestic frequency spectrum use situation and demands. Revise and modify the plan on a rolling basis according to international developments and domestic needs.
  3. To ensure the flow and identification of telecommunication networks and maintain normal telecommunication service operations, compile the "Numbering Plan of Public Telecommunication Network" after reviewing ITU regulations, International Organization for Standardization regulations, international telecommunication number development trends, and domestic telecommunication industry needs. 
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