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The Improvement Plan of 5G Spectrum Refarming and Auction

Considering the rapid evolution of 5G 、 IoT technology, moda instantly stays on top of the developing trends of these innovative applications 、 technologies and proposes responding policies. Moda keeps implementing the observation of international 5G spectrum refarming 、the evidence-based estimation of interference assessment、 the enhancement of regulatory energy、the interference handling ,etc. Since February 2020, National Communications Commission had released 3.3-3.57GHz for 5G mobile broadband service. In order to refarm 3.61-4.2GHz frequency bands and auction off these frequency bands for 5G mobile broadband service in the future, moda carries out the available assessment of forward-looking spectrum refarming. Based on this assessment, moda conducts forward-looking spectrum refarming、enhances the basis of spectrum development、drives digital transformation of domestic industry and also promotes vigorous development of domestic industry.

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