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Research plan of Forward-looking Preparation of 5G/B5G Digital Communication Resource Advanced Preparation

Policy Observation and Research of International Frequency Resource Management: Investigate the international frameworks for frequency resource management, allocation methods, and trends in international spectrum application issues. Conduct research on spectrum usage planning in various regions and propose suggestions for the development of our country's medium- to long-term frequency resource management policy.

Survey and Research of Domestic Frequency Resource Innovation Application: Collect information on significant policies related to frequency resource innovation applications (such as forward-looking infrastructure/Asia-Silicon Valley/national science development). Select projects with commercial potential for in-depth interviews, and develop assistance plans and concrete recommendations.

Regulation Research of ITU and Domestic Frequency Resource Management: Analyze and organize ITU-related "satellite," "mobile," "fixed," and other business frequency bands, restrictions on special application, interference prevention recommendations, and pay attention to the discussion results from various agenda items of WRC-23 and the follow-up of potential discussion topics of WRC-27.

Observation and Research of Internet Resource Allocatsion Development: Analyze trends and directions in internet application protocol development. Gather and propose solutions for internet resource allocation issues. Assist academia and  industry participation in the development of internet application protocols.

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