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Alignment Assemblies

In May 2023, the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) partnered with the international nongovernmental organization Collective Intelligence Project (CIP) to participate in the Alignment Assemblies project to ensure the application of artificial intelligence (AI) is consistent with the people’s interests and create various application services essential to society. The goal is to help Taiwan reach a public consensus regarding the needs and risks of AI in the global public sphere and collaborate to resolve the alignment problem of AI. Recent developments in AI have prompted this partnership, and the moda is committed to aligning the use of AI with the people’s interests while creating essential application services for society.

The operational target of the moda is for everyone to determine the development direction of AI so that all people can meaningfully participate in the development direction of transformative technologies such as AI. Therefore, the moda has organized and supported the Taiwan-user-based Alignment Assemblies since 2023 to shape the direction of AI development through citizen participation and deliberation models. One example is the Ideathon event, which uses Taiwan as a demonstration site and collaborates with the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Academy Foundation to organize various activities.

AI has ushered in profound social changes. Issues such as AI algorithms, intellectual property rights, science and technology ethics, public services and social impact have attracted much attention. AI has also introduced new challenges to democratic governance. The Executive Yuan is drafting the “Artificial Intelligence Basic Act” in response to the rise of generative AI, which has raised social concerns about various issues. The moda also anticipates providing critical information to policymakers and technology developers through the CIP pilot demonstration to ensure that AI development is consistent with the interests of the people.

This page shares the review results with both global and domestic partners.

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