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Minister Tang was Invited to Deliver a Speech at the Global Democracy Summit, Sharing Taiwan's Experiences in Facing the Challenges of AI.

Minister Tang was invited to deliver a pre-recorded video speech at the Summit for Democracy in Seoul on the afternoon of March 18th. In the address, Minister Tang pointed out that Taiwan's experience in facing the challenges posed by AI and emerging technologies demonstrates that a belief in the power of co-creation and the implementation of democracy can shape outcomes that align with collective interests. Only by adopting the approach of democracy, rather than being solely led by technology experts, can we find the best solutions to ethical, political, and social challenges, the Minister said.

The third Summit for Democracy took place from March 18th to 20th in South Korea, with the theme "Democracy for Future Generations." Minister Tang was invited to deliver a speech during the second session of the Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable on the first day's afternoon. The session focused on "Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies: Right-Respecting Innovation in Democratic Societies."

Minister Tang cited the example of Taiwan's elections in January of this year to illustrate how bad actors in the pay of authoritarians tried every means to deteriorate the information environment and interfere in the outcome. However, the government and people of different political affiliations stood as one in fighting against bad actors by strengthening democracy and working together to pave the way for an infinite future, thus thwarting the conspiracy aimed at sowing seeds of division and discord.

Minister Tang pointed out that Taiwan is facing a disproportionately high number of cyberattacks, posing a dire situation. The moda is responding robustly to ensure the stable operation of critical infrastructure and key websites through rigorous drills and tests. The fact proves that the round-the-clock rapid response team and frontline monitoring systems have been effective, resulting in a 22% decrease in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cybersecurity incidents.

Minister Tang also shared Taiwan's practice of "pre-bunking" with democratic partners from various countries attending the summit. The purpose is to foster mutual trust instead of simply correcting facts. Research shows that a good pre-bunk explains tactics used to manipulate and has far-reaching benefits. By learning to recognize these tactics, the people are empowered to build solid mental defense mechanisms.

Minister Tang particularly highlighted the crucial role of the crowdsourced platform "Contacts." Contacts analyzed and assessed malicious and innocent reports based on accuracy and persuasiveness. With the assistance of real-time AI clarifications deployed by the g0v community, people can judge the integrity of the content.

Minister Tang cautioned that nearly 40 countries are holding elections this year, and AI could amplify risks via deepfakes, echo chambers, and micro-targeting. Extremism, polarization, and isolation magnified by social media, are reshaping geopolitics. As a responsible member of the international community, Taiwan is willing and able to work with all stakeholders to ensure AI develops safely and sustainably. A democratic approach, not a technocratic one, is optimal for addressing this ethical, political, and societal problem.

Minister Tang elaborated that Taiwan is advancing Alignment Assemblies with world-class partners, such as The Collective Intelligence Project(CIP), OpenAI, and GETTING-Plurality research network. The moda invited hundreds of thousands of citizens to co-govern AI in the context of information integrity: Protecting users from harm, detecting and labeling AI content, requiring digital signatures for advertisers, making AI systems transparent, and implementing citizen oversight of fact-checking and ongoing monitoring of AI incidents.

Minister Tang concluded by stating that democratic deliberation will strengthen societal resilience. In time, Taiwan's AI-related regulations will also be incorporated into global common standards, further enhancing Taiwan's position as a reliable and trustworthy partner. This is just one of the many ways Taiwan helps to defend democracy, counter authoritarianism, and build a better future for all. She expressed hope for close collaboration with global democratic partners to make 2024 a year of revitalizing democracy.

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