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Deputy Minister Herming Chiueh Attended the Prague Cyber Security Conference, Sharing Taiwan's Experience in Communication Resilience Response.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda), Herming Chiueh, and Deputy Director-General of the Administration for Cyber Security, Shin-ming Cheng, led a delegation to visit the Czech Republic, attending the Prague Cyber Security Conference 2024 held on March 19th and 20th local time. The moda stated that this year's conference was limited to invited participants attending in person. Deputy Minister Chiueh shared Taiwan's experiences during the conference, explaining how the ministry responds to the increasingly severe risks faced by subsea cables and implementing diverse and heterogeneous communication backup network measures. The delegation also met with representatives from the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) of the Czech Republic to discuss Taiwan-Czech cybersecurity cooperation. Deputy Minister Chiueh also invited cybersecurity experts and scholars from various countries to participate in the "Advanced Cybersecurity Exploration (ACE)" conference and the Cross-National Cyber Defense and Offense Exercise (CODE) held by The moda in Taiwan. It is hoped that through international practical exercises, Taiwan's cybersecurity defense will be continuously strengthened to enhance Taiwan's digital resilience.

The moda explained that the Prague Cyber Security Conference, formerly the Prague 5G Security Conference, is an internationally significant network and telecommunications security conference. It brings together government officials from over 30 countries worldwide. Representatives from the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the industry also joined the conference in Prague to discuss the security of 5G network architecture and the safety of telecommunications network supply across various countries.

This year's Prague Cyber Security Conference coincides with the fifth anniversary of the Prague Proposals on 5G Security. Recognizing the significance of this legislation as a milestone in the global quest for next-generation network security and trusted suppliers, it serves as a crucial reference for countries in constructing and designing their 5G network infrastructure. This year, the conference has invited cybersecurity experts from various countries to discuss and exchange views on cyber threats, ICT policies and regulations, public-private partnerships, post-quantum cryptography, artificial intelligence, etc. Deputy Minister Chiueh, Deputy Director-General Cheng, and the cybersecurity team were invited to represent Taiwan at the conference.

Deputy Minister Chiueh attended the Prague Cyber Security Conference as a panelist on the 19th local time. The panel discussion theme was "Under Water: Protecting Subsea Cables from Cyber Threats and Foreign Interference."

During the conference, Deputy Minister Chiueh pointed out that subsea cables are crucial for domestic and international communication, security, and the economy. In recent years, they have faced increasing threats from damage, interference, and cyber attacks. Take the example of the disruption of subsea cables that connect Matsu to Taiwan that occurred in March 2023; the moda responded to this growing challenge from a national security perspective. For instance, the moda swiftly switched to microwave and satellite communications to ensure domestic communication resilience. The ministry also emphasized the ongoing assessment of risks to communication networks in various scenarios and the implementation of diverse and heterogeneous communication backup network measures, which aims to enhance communication resilience and information security protection from multiple dimensions, including sea, land, and air.

Moreover, during the visit, the delegation held bilateral discussions with Lukas Kintr, Director of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency of the Czech Republic, to explore future cybersecurity cooperation between Taiwan and the Czech Republic. They also engaged in sideline meetings during the Prague Cyber Security Conference, meeting with stakeholders to discuss cybersecurity protection, talent cultivation, and joint cybersecurity exercises. These dialogues aimed to deepen the connections and collaboration between Taiwan and government organizations, experts, and scholars in cybersecurity from various countries, facilitating the exchange of expertise and experiences in cybersecurity defense and offense across borders. They also introduced the " Advanced Cybersecurity Exploration Conference (ACE)" and multinational cybersecurity exercises, inviting experts and scholars from other countries to participate. Through the exchange with international cybersecurity expertise and practical exercises, they hope to continue strengthening Taiwan's cybersecurity defenses and enhancing the nation's digital resilience.

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