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Ministry of Digital Affairs Supported the Establishment of the First Emergency Network Mobile Vehicle, Which Has Already Arrived in Hualien for Disaster Relief Dispatch.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs(moda) stated that in response to today's (3rd) earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan's first "Emergency Network Mobile Vehicle" equipped with asynchronous satellite terminal equipment has already arrived in Hualien. It can provide emergency communication services when power and commercial networks are interrupted in disaster areas. This vehicle is deployed for the first time in an emergency and is part of the disaster response system. It will be dispatched in coordination with the local disaster response command system. Initially, it will provide communication services for disaster relief personnel to avoid communication blind spots.

Moda explained that the "emergency network mobile vehicle" is supported by the moda and constructed by the Telecommunications Technology Center (TTC). It is equipped with asynchronous orbit satellite terminals and WiFi on board. Currently, it primarily utilizes SES medium-earth orbit satellites. In the emergencies of commercial communication network disruption or lack of power supply, it provides emergency communication for disaster victims in surrounding areas and rescue personnel. Also, rescue personnel can report disaster situations via satellite networks.

The moda pointed out that although telecommunications operators have mobile base stations, they still rely on backend transmission networks for the base stations to operate normally. The "emergency network mobile vehicle" can assist telecommunications operators in quickly establishing satellite backend transmission networks in the event of interruption in existing transmission networks in disaster areas, restoring commercial network services.

The "emergency network mobile vehicle" is constructed by TTC with subsidies from moda through the "Emergency or wartime application of emerging technologies to enhance the digital resilience of communication networks" project. It verifies that in the event of huge disasters, or emergencies, it can utilize asynchronous orbit satellite communication channels to provide emergency communication needs in disaster areas, ensuring that the emergency command system can maintain essential operations.

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