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Ministry of Digital Affairs and TTC Transported Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Equipment to Tianxiang to Assist in Establishing a Disaster Relief Communication network.

The moda stated that in response to the strong earthquake in Hualien on April 3rd caused communication disruptions in some areas. Colleagues from the moda and its affiliated organization, the Telecommunications Technology Center (TTC), collaborated with helicopters from the Ministry of National Defense and the Airborne Service Corps of the Ministry of the Interior, worked together early on April 6th to transport low-earth orbit satellite communication equipment to the disaster area. The equipment was airlifted to the Tianxiang area, and technical personnel successfully received signals from OneWeb low-earth orbit satellites and established an emergency network to provide essential network communication for nearby rescue missions and trapped people for crucial use. This marks the first time in Taiwan's history that low-earth orbit satellite communication has been deployed in disaster missions to establish communication networks.

The strong earthquake in Hualien severely damaged the Central Cross-Island Highway, causing communication interruptions in the Tianxiang area and turning it into a communication dead zone. In response, the moda mobilized Taiwan's first "emergency network mobile vehicle," equipped with asynchronous orbit satellite terminal equipment, on the afternoon of April 3rd, rushing to Hualien to join the disaster relief efforts. It coordinated with search and rescue operations to advance to the command base and stood by to establish communication networks. Yesterday, the moda received notification from the Ministry of the Interior's Fire Bureau that the search and rescue team would advance to develop a forward command base in the Tianxiang area. The moda immediately prepared three sets of mobilizable low-earth orbit satellite equipment. Accompanied by TTC technical personnel, the equipment was dispatched one by one via helicopters from the military and the Airborne Service Corps to the Tianxiang area early this morning.

Upon arrival in Tianxiang, the technical personnel set up the OneWeb low-earth orbit satellite equipment and converted the signals into a WiFi network, which enabled rescue personnel to immediately send back the audio and visual status of the disaster site to the emergency response center. It also allowed people stranded in the disaster area to access network communication and report their safety status.

With the assistance of the Fire Bureau, Ministry of National Defense, and Ministry of the Interior, the moda and the Telecommunications Technology Center collaborated to provide Taiwan's first emergency communication system established via medium-earth orbit and low-earth orbit asynchronous satellite networks. The moda will continue to enhance and strengthen the resilience of Taiwan's communication infrastructure, aiming to build a versatile and rapidly responsive communication network through diverse and heterogeneous backup solutions.

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