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The Ministry of Digital Affairs has Officially Launched the Middle Orbit Satellite Signal for Taiping Island, Increasing Communication Efficiency by 3.9 Times.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) stated that Taiping Island, located in the Nansha Islands, is strategically important for Taiwan. However, due to geographical reasons, there has been a chronic shortage of communication bandwidth, resulting in inconvenience in external communication. Along with its affiliated Telecom Technology Center (TTC), the moda recently officially launched SES middle orbit satellite signals on Taiping Island. Additionally, in collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom, the moda has implemented Wi-Fi and mobile network services on the island on April 16th. The total transmission bandwidth can reach 25Mbps, approximately 3.9 times the previous communication efficiency, providing services for the stationed Coast Guard personnel on Taiping Island.

The moda stated that to enhance the communication resilience of Taiwan, the moda has initiated a two-year Non-geostationary Satellite Network Verification Project starting in 2022. Using the Proof of Concept (PoC) approach, the moda constructed a satellite contingency network composed of low-earth orbit (LEO) and middle-earth orbit (MEO) satellites to verify the feasibility of this emerging technology in improving Taiwan's communication resilience. The project prioritized deploying satellite equipment at essential nodes on the main and outlying islands or communication areas without heterogeneous backup systems. Taiping Island is one of these locations.

In September 2022, the moda and the Telecom Technology Center (TTC), in collaboration with the Ocean Affairs Council, the Coast Guard Administration, and Chunghwa Telecom, installed SES mPower middle orbit satellite equipment on Taiping Island and completed the planning and construction of Wi-Fi and telecommunication base station for satellite transmission networks on the island. In April, SES officially launched the second-generation mPower satellite communication service worldwide. With the assistance of the Ocean Affairs Council and the Coast Guard Administration, TTC technicians returned to Taiping Island on April 7th to conduct SES mPower satellite tests and assist Chunghwa Telecom engineers in remotely opening satellite transmission links for base stations. After completing all tests on the 16th, the island's Wi-Fi and mobile network services were officially launched. After the actual tests, the total transmission bandwidth available to island personnel can reach 25Mbps, approximately 3.9 times the previous communication efficiency, significantly enhancing the network communication quality between Taiping Island and Taiwan.

The moda will continue collaborating with relevant units and wish to complete 700 non-geostationary satellite terminal equipment sites, 70 backhaul base stations, and three overseas non-geostationary satellite terminal equipment sites by the end of this year, totaling 773 sites. These sites will establish a proprietary non-geostationary satellite contingency network for our country. Furthermore, efforts will continue to integrate non-geostationary satellites and diverse heterogeneous emergency contingency networks to strengthen Taiwan's communication resilience.

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