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Ministry of Digital Affairs holds an Ideathon Forum to Invite Everyone to Co-Create A Limitless New Future of Human-AI Integration.

On June 21, the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) hosted the Ideathon Forum titled "AI in LIFE-AI New Life InnovationTrends Forum." The event brought together participants from industry, government, academia, and research sectors to discuss innovative trends and perspectives on AI across various dimensions, reflect on AI's impact, and explore ways for humans and AI to coexist in the future.

MODA highlighted that the AI industry has experienced prosperous development in recent years, with international efforts driving the evolution of AI technology. Taiwan should grasp this opportunity by leveraging its strengths in digital hardware technology while actively investing in software and applications to achieve a collective effect between hardware and software integration. To lead the collective contemplation of the future potential of AI applications, the MODA is hosting the third "Ideathon" this year under the theme "WeWe Futures: 2040 Human-AI Integration (Extended Intelligence)." This initiative invites the public to unleash their creativity and imagination to explore innovative application scenarios for human-AI interaction in 2040. It aims to promote forward-looking and innovative AI applications in Taiwan and achieve the policy goal of "developing the digital economy."

The forum featured technology, communications, and AI experts who shared and exchanged practical experiences in driving innovation across daily life, business, education, and research amidst the AI wave. Discussions also touched on measures implemented during the pandemic, such as remote work and online meetings, to enhance public awareness of the importance of innovation and transformation. The Ideathon encourages collective brainstorming from the ground up, involving industry, government, and society to envision and address impending changes or challenges in everyday life. This proactive approach aims to prepare society for and adapt to the rapid advancements in digital technology, ultimately achieving the goal of digital transformation that leaves no one behind.

The third Ideathon call for proposals closes on July 15. It invites everyone to submit their visions for integrating humans and AI by 2040, emphasizing positive values in life, community, workplace, and environment. Each participant can submit up to three proposals, with the chance to win up to NT$10,000 cash prizes. The MODA sincerely encourages the public to actively participate in the Ideathon and contribute to shaping an unlimited future. For more details, please visit the Ideathon official website:

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