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Ministry of Digital Affairs Coordinate with Google and LINE to Strengthen Online Fraud Prevention Measures

Minister Yen-Nun Huang convened a meeting yesterday with representatives from Google and LINE to discuss fraud prevention measures. Both platform providers committed to cooperating with the proposed "Anti-Fraud Crime Prevention Act" currently under review in the Legislative Yuan. They pledged to prioritize handling high-risk fraud cases and will keep close communication with the Ministry of Digital Affairs(MODA). The two platform providers agree to collaborate with the MODA in public-private partnerships to fight online fraud. Minister Huang will invite Meta to discuss fraud-prevention methods on July 4th.

Minister Huang mentioned in the meeting that the "Anti-Fraud Reporting and Inquiry Platform" will launch this year. This platform will integrate reporting channels for fraudulent messages across various social media platforms, allowing the public to report or check suspicious online fraud messages instantly. The system aims to achieve complete automation in allocating suspicious information, enabling government and private entities to handle the information efficiently and publish updates on the handling process.  Moreover, the MODA has invited online advertising platform operators to establish a trusted reporting mechanism, offering contact points and creating a public-private collaboration channel. The MODA recommended that these operators implement AI systems to identify fraudulent advertisements automatically. 

MODA has activated a celebrity reporting mechanism, assisting celebrities in reporting their impersonation accounts and high-risk fraudulent ads. MODA maintains a reliable reporting channel with LINE and close communication with Google, continuing to enhance the efficiency of fraud prevention by actively addressing high-risk fraudulent advertisements in line with platform policies and community guidelines.

During the meeting, Google representatives explained that Google has already introduced a real-name system for investment advertisements on its platform to prevent fraudsters from using online ads for investment scams. Google also employed digital technology to analyze advertisements and reported a significant decrease in suspected fraudulent investment ads on its platform based on government statistics. LINE representatives highlighted the latest update of its app, which includes warnings for adding unknown accounts and non-Taiwan communities; therefore, LINE encourages users to update their apps immediately.  

Representatives from both Google and LINE affirmed their commitment to assume their responsibilities as digital platforms and cooperate with the government to tackle fraud at its source. Google will collaborate with the MODA on online content campaigns to raise public awareness of fraud prevention and digital literacy. LINE will partner with the MODA through the LINE TODAY service and dedicated sections during Information Technology Month to promote fraud prevention. Minister Huang emphasized that these measures will significantly enhance public awareness of fraud prevention and reduce online fraud risks, aiming to create a safer digital environment through public-private cooperation.

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