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Ministry of Digital Affairs Collaborates with Meta to Discuss Anti-Fraud Measures, Actively Preventing Online Frauds

Minister of Digital Affairs Yennun Huang invited Meta to discuss anti-fraud measures on July 4th. Meta expressed that combating online fraud is a consensus shared by all and pledged full support for the Ministry of Digital Affairs(the MODA) 's anti-fraud initiatives. Meta is committed to fulfilling its obligation to prevent fraud on its online advertising platform, establish a communication channel with the MODA, and prioritize removing high-risk fraudulent accounts and advertisements. It will also work with the MODA to promote anti-fraud awareness, engaging in public-private efforts to combat online fraud.

Minister Huang stated that, in the short term, the MODA will launch the Anti-Fraud Reporting and Inquiry Platform as soon as the end of August. The platform will integrate channels for reporting impersonation messages on social media platforms, allowing the public to inquire about or report suspicious online fraud messages instantly. Once the system is online, it aims to automate the reporting process, directing suspicious messages to the appropriate government authorities or online platforms for handling, with publicly available progress updates. In the long term, the MODA plans to actively urge all platform operators to comply with the upcoming Anti-Fraud Crime Prevention Act, which is currently under review by the Legislative Yuan.

Before the Anti-Fraud Reporting and Inquiry Platform went online, the MODA had initiated a dedicated reporting channel for public figures. This channel allows the MODA to report impersonation and high-risk fraudulent advertisements on behalf of celebrities to online advertising platform operators, reducing opportunities for fraudsters to spread deceptive information under false identities. Meta stated that it has begun planning the establishment of a trusted reporting mechanism in cooperation with the MODA and will actively support the government's anti-fraud efforts by developing relevant measures. Its platform has started developing mechanisms to prevent fraudulent financial service advertisements, enhance the transparency of financial service advertisements, and disclose advertisers' accounts to avoid fraud.

Meta explained that it is actively taking responsibility as an online advertising platform and working with the government to combat fraud from the source. In addition to existing high-risk fraud advertisement reporting channels and mechanisms for making financial service advertisements transparent, Meta will use the Information Technology Month section to collaborate with the MODA in promoting the Anti-Fraud Reporting and Inquiry Platform. This public-private effort aims to combat fraud and quickly remove suspicious advertisements from the platform. It will also work with the government to promote fraud detection education and self-protection techniques through official fan pages, enhancing the public's awareness of fraud prevention in online communications.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Huang called on online advertising platform operators to recognize that combating fraud is a common goal and a government priority. The MODA asks the operators to fulfill their anti-fraud obligations to reduce the public's risk of becoming victims of fraud, thereby creating a safer online environment for all.

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