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The moda, NCC facilitate mergers of major mobile carriers, ensure rational allocation of resources for healthy development of telecommunications industry

Mergers between Far EasTone and Asia Pacific Telecom, as well as Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Star, were approved Jan. 18 by the National Communications Commission with support from the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Pending approval by the Fair Trade Commission, the entities will file with the 
Securities and Futures Bureau under the Financial Supervisory Commission and register corporate changes with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

According to the moda, the merger of the major mobile carriers represents another strong step forward in ensuring the rational allocation of resources and promotion of the sound development of the telecommunications industry.
Close communication and cooperation has been maintained at all times with the NCC on the merger process, the moda said. Expert opinions were provided by ministry officials at commission hearings in September 2022, with full participation in related meetings three months later and in January 2023, the moda added.  

The purpose of the ministry’s consultations was to provide written opinions on key issues identified by the NCC and to discuss specific ways of handling the merger after bandwidth available to the parties concerned exceeded the legal limit.

Far EasTone and Taiwan Mobile are each required to adjust operating and network establishment plans, as well as apply to the moda for renewal of radio frequency use certificates in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Telecommunications Management Act. They are also required to complete the processing of excess bandwidth by the deadline specified in the guidance letter.
The ministry will leave no stone unturned in creating conditions for seamless communication and liaison with the NCC on the merger, the moda said. In addition, it will assist and support in completing the procedures outlined so as to promote the sound development of the telecommunications industry, the moda added.

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