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Deputy Minister Lee urges reporting of information security matters to TWCERT/CC

Information security matters involving the leakage of personal information should be reported without delay to the Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination Center, Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs Lee Huai-Jen said Feb. 6.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act, private sector information is supervised by the competent authority of each designated business, Lee said. If breaches or cyber incidents occur, the relevant party is required to notify the competent authority, he added.

TWCERT / CC, overseen by the Taiwan Network Information Center, acts as a reporting and coordination hub for cyber security issues in the private sector. It also offers advisory and related services for incidents involving corporate information security.

According to Lee, the Ministry of Digital Affairs is promoting Zero Trust Architecture and the T-Road standard for unified transmission of government data to eliminate personal data and information security issues in the public sector.

The T-Road standard is expected to be fully incorporated into the Zero Trust Architecture system of triple verification within one year, Lee said. Within two years, A-level agencies with large amounts of personal information will be given T-Road implementation priority after consultation, while B-level agencies and cities and counties will be implemented sequentially, he added. 

In order to support industry testing and the enhancement of information security, the moda has convened a meeting with industry associations to request closer attention to the information security of the transaction system, as well as to provide assistance and subsidies to the media security industry.

Although government measures to safeguard information security and personal data are effective and sufficient, the moda said, the private sector is reminded to remain vigilant and take every opportunity to enhance protection capabilities.

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