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The Ministry of Digital Affairs is Pleased to See Google's Proposal for the Digital Co-Prosperity of News Media and Hopes to Be Followed by Other Large Platforms

The Ministry of Digital Affairs(moda) said today that it is pleased to see Google's proposal for digital transformation and co-prosperity. The moda also supports news valuation and hopes that other large cross-border digital platforms will follow suit.

Moda’s deputy minister Huai-jen Lee said that the prosperity and integrity of the news industry is a key foundation of democratic development. At this critical moment of digital impact and transformation, the news industry is not just about zero-sum competition, but also about Public Private Partnerships and cross-industry cooperation for coexistence and prosperity.

The Ministry is pleased that after the first round of dialogue, Google has shown its sincerity in listening to its partners in the news industry and has set up a fund to demonstrate the initial results of the dialogue. 

The Ministry looks forward to Google and the news industry forging more consensus and promote more cooperation in the follow-up dialogue, thereby enabling Taiwan to become a democratic society with better quality and diversified information access.

The Ministry of Digital Affairs points out that the inter-ministerial group of the Executive Yuan will soon launch a new round of dialogue between the journalism industry and digital platforms to further promote the co-prosperity of platforms and news, and encourages large cross-border digital platforms, including Google, to continue to deepen cooperation with and support Taiwan's journalism industry, so as to positively benefit Taiwan's journalism industry and overall democratic development.

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