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Registration for NT$6,000 Universal Cash Opens from March 22

The Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) said that in response to the suggestion of the Legislative Yuan to reduce online registration congestion, the registration system for universal cash will be opened earlier. The moda explained that the registration website for the Executive Yuan's "Universal Cash for All" project was jointly planned and built by the Ministry of Finance and the moda, and the dedicated website ( will be available for pre-registration from 8:00 a.m. since March 22. Once the registration information is verified by the system, the cash payment will be remitted to the designated account.

In order to alleviate the traffic flow and allow eligible citizens to register more smoothly, the system was set to use the last number of ID card/residence permit numbers to divide people into different groups in the first 5 days of the registration period (March 22 to March 26). A drawing will be held on March 20 to decide the order of the numbers to register at the registration system. The system is expected to be open for at least six months, and the exact deadline will be announced by the Executive Yuan.

The moda affirms that after the special budgeting process is completed and effective, the government will gradually provide the second phase of ATM cashing and the third phase of post office counter services to the public. If people operate at ATM or pick up at a post office counter, they do not need to register at the system. In addition, for certain groups of people, including recipients of Labor Insurance Pension, National Pension, Welfare Allowance for Elderly Farmers, Labor Retirement, Subsidy for Persons with Disabilities, and Low, Middle Income and Elders Allowance, NT$6,000 will be remitted directly to their account with no registration needed.

The Ministry of Finance emphasized that the special budget has not yet been passed, so the funds cannot be remitted yet. It is expected that the funds will be remitted five business days after the budget process is completed and the President announces the effective date. At that time, the public can check the status of the cash payment through their bank accounts, passbooks or the website(

According to the moda, the registration process will be conducted in person, and parents or legal representatives will be able to collect for their children under age of 12(including 12). The registration steps are as follows:

1. Use your computer, cell phone or tablet to connect to the " NT$6,000 Universal Cash Payment" website( and click on "Register for Payment".

2. Enter the recipient's "ID card number or residence permit number", "financial institution code", "financial institution account number" and "health insurance card number". Please note that the financial institution account information must be filled in with your own account in order for the funds to be remitted.

3. If a parent or legal representative are collecting for their children under 12 years(including 12) of age, click "Add" in the "Health Insurance Card Number" section, add a new field "Health Insurance Card Number", and enter the child's (nominee's) health insurance card number to register. Each person can collect for up to 4 people under the age of 12(including 12) at the same time.

After entering the information, please click "Next Page" to confirm whether the information registered on the website is correct. If the registered information is incorrect, please click "Previous Page" to correct the incorrectly registered information, and then repeat the above procedure after the correction is completed.

After the initial registration is completed, the website will provide access to the registration results starting from March 28. To check results, click on "Check Registration Results" on the home page of the website, enter the "ID card number or residence permit number" of the applicant or representative and the "health insurance card number" of the recipient, click on "Confirm Delivery". If you have previously registered, but no information is available, you may have registered incorrectly and can simply re-register again.

The moda reminds citizens not to give their ID cards, residence permits, or health insurance cards to strangers in order to protect their rights. Moda will not notify you any information via text message or email.  The website ( is the only real website and please do not click on suspicious links.

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