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Deputy Minister of the moda, Herming Chiueh Attended The Sydney Dialogue to Discuss Digital Resilience Issues

The moda’s Deputy Minister Herming Chiueh visited Sydney, Australia, and attended The Sydney Dialogue on April 5 to share Taiwan's experience on the impact of IT development on the market mechanism and the spirit of democracy, as well as how to strengthen digital resilience in the face of increasing cyber security threats.

According to the moda, Deputy Minister Chiueh attended the Sydney Dialogue on the 4th and 5th, accompanied by Ambassador Yii-Lih Charng in Australia. The dialogue kicked off with an opening speech by Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Richard Marles, and was attended by more than 10 countries, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. 

During the conference, Deputy Minister Chiueh pointed out that Taiwan has continued to refine its information security measures, such as the adoption of Zero-trust architecture (ZTA), the government data transmission platform (T-road), the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), etc., to enhance the cyber security architecture of government agencies. At the same time, the government is committed to strengthen the digital resilience of the public, cultivate the concept of media literacy, and improve the domestic news reporting environment so that people can receive accurate first-hand information more easily. In addition, the moda plans to carry out a non-synchronous orbital satellite project to incorporate satellite communications into the backup communications network to ensure that accurate and real-time information can be transmitted in the event of any unexpected situation.

Taiwanese people are very receptive to new technologies and are also very mature in their awareness of human rights. Therefore, the government can work together to formulate Taiwan's digital policy through public-private exchanges, increasing digital literacy, and incorporating people's ideas at the early stages of policy formulation.

According to the moda, the sharing of digital experiences and new knowledge across countries is an opportunity to showcase Taiwan's strengths and connect with international development and cross-border democratic alliances. During the trip, Deputy Minister Chiueh exchanged views with Australia and other countries, hoping that this will bring Taiwan and the international community closer in digital development and transformation. 

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