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Minister Audrey Tang Met With AIT Chair, Ms. Rosenberger, Expecting Mutual Support to Deepen Democracy

Minister Audrey Tang met with AIT Chairperson Laura Rosenberger yesterday(19th) to discuss how to deepen democratic governance and enhance the digital resilience of the entire population, and to look forward to more opportunities for cooperation. The meeting shows an opportunity for mutual support to deepen democracy.

During the meeting, Minister Tang cited the destruction of submarine cables in the Matsu region as an example to illustrate the importance of resilient construction. The Ministry is promoting programs such as non-synchronous orbital satellites and disaster roaming to ensure smooth communications during emergencies, and will continue to refer to U.S. information security standards such as the CMMC to develop related programs and regulations.

Minister Tang also said that Taiwan and the United States are both democratic and free countries, and both attach equal importance to pluralism and freedom of speech. The power of the civil society can prevent the polarization of speech on public issues, for example, the public can monitor the community platform on their own initiative, and before the general election or referendum, they cannot accept advertisements involving political or social issues published by foreign forces.

Minister Tang also expressed her firm position on behalf of Taiwan's participation in the signing of the Declaration on the Future of the Internet and thanked the U.S. for inviting her back earlier this year to deliver an opening address at the second Summit for Democracy, hoping that both sides will continue to build on the foundation of past cooperation to help each other and deepen democracy.

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