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Minister Tang met with the Taiwan Friendship Group of the French Senate to exchange digital resilience issues and deepen Taiwan-France ties

The Minister of Digital Affairs, Audrey Tang, received a delegation of five members, including Alain Richard, Vice President of the French Senate and Chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group, and  senators of different parties, to exchange views on the issue of enhancing digital resilience.

Last week, Eric Bothorel,  President of the Taiwan Friendship Group of the French National Assembly, also led a delegation to Taiwan. The Senate and the National Assembly, representing French public opinion, visited Taiwan for the first time in succession and met with several ministries, demonstrating the deep friendship between Taiwan and France.

During the meeting, on the digital governance issue of concern to the French side, Minister Tang mentioned the “ Shared by all, cash for everyone”ploicy and pointed out that it is not necessary to develop new applications in response to policy needs, and that through the existing comprehensive identity verification mechanism and the combination of information flow and cash flow, all people can access services in the most convenient way through online registration, such as ATMs or post office counters. This approach can be used to promote digital public construction in the future, and can be used repeatedly by various agencies.

Minister Tang also mentioned that Taiwan is currently consulting and preparing for a legal system to enhance " Data Altruism ", and invites all sectors to share non-personal data on the premise of public good, in line with the European Union's Data Governance Act (DGA), in order to strengthen the social resilience of the democratic alliance.

Minister Tang said that in the face of digital threats, a sound digital literacy of citizens is the fundamental response. The government invites all sectors to implant the spirit of co-creation to propose innovative solutions for the public good at the Presidential Hackathon, and to form partnerships with public officials to improve policies and enhance democratic values in the digital age.

Vice President Richard praised moda as digital pioneers in democratic countries, and hoped that the visit would draw on the successful model of Taiwan's digital development and put the spirit of co-creation into practice in infrastructure and service design systems.

The delegation included Senator Alexandra Borchio Fontimp, Senator Valérie Boyer, Senator Brigitte Devésa, and Executive Secretary Philippe Péjo from the Taiwan Friends Group.

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