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Minister Audrey Tang visited Belgium to engage in discussions with various sectors regarding digital policies

Minister Audrey Tang, of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda), led a delegation to visit Brussels, Belgium – the location of the headquarters of the European Union. On the 30th, the members of the delegation had a meeting with the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission to exchange views on various digital issues between Taiwan and the European Union. In addition, the visiting delegation met with representatives from various sectors to engage in dialogue and discussions on topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, and digital transformation, aiming to deepen the connections and collaborations between Taiwan and the European Union, as well as between Taiwan and Belgium, in the digital field.

The moda stated that, in addition to the meeting with DG CONNECT, Minister Tang and the delegation also visited the AI for the Common Good Institute (FARI) to discuss how to address the rapid proliferation and associated risks of AI. They shared the ministry's involvement in the international non-governmental organization known as the "Collective Intelligence Project" (CIP), which collaborates with industry partners such as OpenAI and Anthropic to gather public opinions and consensus from various sectors. Together, they aim to address the "Alignment Problem" in artificial intelligence.

The moda pointed out that FARI is a non-profit organization jointly established by two universities in Brussels, dedicated to assisting European stakeholders in dealing with the potential impacts of AI, with a particular focus on trusted AI and open licensing.

Minister Tang also attended a seminar jointly organized by the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) and the Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium. During the seminar, she shared Taiwan's experiences of external interference in August of last year and explained her country's response measures, including the zero-trust architecture and communication backup. She called for collaboration among participants to safeguard democratic values.

The seminar was chaired by Ms. Roberta Bonazzi, the President of EED. Participants actively raised questions regarding Taiwan's cyber security situation, communication backup, and how Taiwan can collaborate with the European Union. The interaction at the event was lively.

In addition, Lin Jiunn-Shiow, the Deputy Director-General of the Administration for Digital Industries, visited the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity on the same day. He exchanged ideas on strategies and practices to enhance the resilience of industrial cyber security, while he also discussed topics such as cyber security threat monitoring, intelligence analysis, incident response, cyber security startups, and talent cultivation.

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