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Minister Audrey Tang Met with Representative Eun-ho Lee of Korean Mission in Taipei, Hoping for Taiwan-Korea Cooperation in Strengthening Cybersecurity Defense

Audrey Tang, the Minister of Digital Affairs, met with the newly appointed representative Eun-ho Lee of the Korean Mission in Taipei yesterday (19th). The two discussed future digital and industrial cooperation between Taiwan and Korea, engaging in extensive discussions on topics such as raising public awareness of cybersecurity and driving industry innovation through chip technology. Both parties expressed their expectations for increased collaboration in digital resilience and cybersecurity defense between Taiwan and Korea.

During the meeting, Minister Tang stated that Taiwan is actively promoting digital transformation across various industries and looking forward to continuous exchanges with Korea on issues regarding digital governance and communication resilience. The aim is to further deepen digital cooperation and strengthen cybersecurity defense.

Minister Tang also shared the experiences of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) in promoting cybersecurity measures. The ministry upholds the mission that "cybersecurity is national security" and adopts a "proactive defense" as a core strategy. They utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI to actively counter threats, trace and block attack sources, and enhance protection of critical infrastructure. Additionally, they reinforce practical exercises and implement a zero-trust architecture, fundamentally enhancing the nation's cybersecurity capabilities, creating a cross-domain defense system that is easy to defend but difficult to breach.

The Minister mentioned that Taiwan and Korea share many similarities in their industrial structures, both being semiconductor powerhouses and placing special emphasis on chip-driven industry innovation. The Administration for Digital Industries under moda is responsible for the key technology development in the semiconductor supply chain. It connects local industry, academia, and research capabilities, establishes experimental fields, transfers research and development technologies to enterprises, and assists companies in obtaining security certifications from international standard organizations.

Representative Eun-ho Lee has a background in science and engineering and possesses rich experiences in various fields such as manufacturing and commerce, with a deep understanding of the development of the semiconductor industry in Korea. He looks forward to facilitating the cooperation between Taiwan and Korea in digital resilience and cybersecurity defense with his expertise during his tenure.

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