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President Tsai launches 111 Government SMS Platform, and moda promotes digital trust technology to prevent fraud from the source

The Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) held a press conference on the morning of the 24th, titled "Launch of the 111 Government Exclusive Short Code SMS Platform." President Tsai Ing-wen was present and personally announced the launch of the 111 SMS platform. She provided a live demonstration by sending 111 government SMS messages to the media attendees, showcasing the platform’s instant messaging capabilities. Through the moda's advocacy for the concept of digital trust technology, the government underscored its dedication to deliver trustworthy information from the source, thus reinforcing efforts to combat fraud. Minister Audrey Tang reminded the public that in the future, recognizing the 111 short code will allow them to verify that SMS content originates from a government agency, effectively protecting them from counterfeit government messages issued by fraudulent groups.

Minister Tang clarified that the Executive Yuan had granted approval for the use of short code 111, enabling the moda to establish a government-exclusive SMS platform, serving as a trusted channel for government departments to send SMS messages. The moda also collaborated with major telecommunications companies to ensure that only government agencies using this platform can employ the 111 short code for SMS communication. This creates a singular, unified source of communication, making it easier for the public to ascertain that the messages they receive genuinely  come from government agencies, thus reinforcing trust and safeguarding their financial security.

Minister Tang emphasized that during the initial internal testing phase of the 111 short code SMS, central government agencies closely associated to the public, including the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, the Academia Sinica, and the moda itself, as well as the Tainan City Government, participated. With the platform’s official launch by the president today, the moda is extending the opportunity to more central and local government agencies to apply for participation in the trial. By utilizing the government-exclusive "111" short code for SMS messages, the moda ensures that the public can place their trust in the information received from the government, simplifying the effectiveness and convenient dissemination of government messages.

The moda introduced a government-specific short URL service ( last year, which transforms lengthy and difficult-to-remember URLs of government agencies into concise short URLs, facilitating more efficient public information dissemination. In conjunction with the newly launched 111 Government Exclusive Short Code SMS service, the integration of these two services ensures that government messages are not easily counterfeited, thus preventing fraud at its source and gradually enhancing digital trust within society. The moda will continue to promote digital trust technology, encompassing the 111 short code SMS platform, government-specific short URLs, zero trust, TW FidO, and amendments to electronic signature laws, to establish a secure, reliable, and trusted digital environment.

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