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Assessment of Government Digital Service to Enhance System Resilience and Improve the Public User Experience

The Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) reported today (4th) at the weekly Executive Yuan meeting on the "Government Digital Service Assessment Implementation." Moda stated that it has been promoting the Digital Service Assessment Program since 2023. In collaboration with governmental institutions, the project conducts an assessment of the online system of national and critical household service through on-site inspections and consultation of the aspects of high usability, ease of use, and maintainability. Up until now, the moda has finished 23 online service systems, which include the Entry and Exit and Immigration Management System of the National Immigration Agency, as well as the E-services system of the Bureau of Labor Insurance. Aside from the assessment, the moda provided suggestions for improvement and long-term progress. Meanwhile, the moda has helped the Ministry of Finance to elevate the efficiency of the E-Invoice system to lessen the internet congestion caused by large amounts of search queries by the citizens. This year, moda will select at least 20 vital public service systems to conduct the assessment, aiming to strengthen the resilience of operations, provide a stable service experience for the public, and increase trust in government systems by the citizens.

Moda stated that the Digital Service Assessment Program complements the existing cyber security audit mechanism of the Administration for Cyber Security. It primarily focuses on conducting assessments and providing guidance for information systems that suffer nationwide user load and involve critical public services and ministries' new systems. In the past, government digital services occasionally experienced outages due to excessive user load, postponed response times caused by poorly designed network architecture, or service interruptions due to equipment failures. To strengthen the resilience of government digital services, moda conducts assessment checks from both procedural and technical perspectives. This involves assisting agency personnel in reviewing system architecture and providing professional advice to ensure that information systems can continue to provide services during abnormal fluctuations or extreme conditions.

Additionally, the goal is to facilitate a prompt recovery after failures, ultimately enhancing the quality of government digital services. This year, the moda plans to integrate project reviews with the schedules of various agencies to construct new systems or modifications. By initiating assessment checks during the planning phase, the moda aims to offer resilience design recommendations. Through direct implementation of the project, it guides agencies in improving system robustness and fostering a resilience culture.

Moda further explained that the Digital Resilience Assessment is not an imposed requirement but a collaborative process through on-site guidance. It involves the cooperation of expert teams and system organizers to integrate the concept of resilience into the organizational culture. This approach allows agencies to autonomously and continuously enhance the digital resilience of various services. The ultimate goal is to establish an intelligent nation with a sense of trust and a positive service experience.

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