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The Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) is backed by the ideal of sustainable development and dedicated to promoting digital upgrade for all industries.

The idea for the logo stems from the acronym of the Administration’s name, "a," "d," and "i," featuring imagery representing the three major design themes of "digital," "inclusivity," and "diversity" to symbolize the Administration for Digital Industries’ diversity and inclusivity.

Administration for Digital Industries_LOGO

In the logo’s intuitive design, the letter "a" (for "administration") encompasses the letter "d" (for "digital") to emphasize that the Administration’s services are based on an approach of digital inclusivity. The overall design uses open, looping shapes to symbolize thinking from diverse angles while the two interlaced squared u-shapes compose an "s" to convey the Administration’s provision of digital services and transformation innovations for the future development of Taiwan’s industries and additionally, the Ministry’s integration with industry.


Definitions of the Logo’s Colors

Represents the Administration’s professional, active, and positive image
Represents the Administration’s open attitude and lively creativity
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