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Responsibilities of the Communications Division are as follows:

  1. Plan guidance and award measures relating to the development of telecommunication-related industries; assist with industrial transformation and competitiveness enhancement according to digital economy development
  2. Promote telecommunication innovative technological applications, create demand-driven service innovation mechanisms, accelerate the spread of telecommunication applications by focusing on joint innovation themes such as in areas between public welfare and business, upstream and downstream industries, and within the same industry
  3. Create a certification and verification system for enhanced telecommunication usability and service resilience, develop evaluation indicators for digital services needed in applicable scenarios, and build a trustworthy base environment with distributed data exchange
  4. Set 5G private network laws and regulations, accelerate promotion of 5G telecommunication network innovative applications, and deepen industries’ vertical application innovations with the goals of stimulating industries’ smart transformation with 5G private networks and elevating citizen welfare
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