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Responsibilities of the Emerging and Cross-Domain are as follows:

  1. Promote cyber security industry development, assist industries with strengthening cyber security during digital transformation such as by researching and developing semiconductor chip security technology, organize CYBERSEC to facilitate technical exchange, product demonstration, and talent matching between industries
  2. With the goals of "cultivating an international-level system integration company" and "promoting overseas export of system integration solutions," select mature solutions in Taiwan to help businesses gain business opportunities in overseas markets
  3. Promote software and hardware integration in sports technology by making good use of the Taiwanese information and communication industry’s advantages, accelerate product business model development through public experience such as by organizing ITSPORT, promote data compliance and data application services with the goal of stimulating public interest in sports and enhancing citizens’ health
  4. Guide businesses in using smart technology following the principle of "solving key problems in daily life," promote balanced urban and rural development to improve quality of life and enhance the local economy
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