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5G x XR revolutionize learning! Administration for Digital Industries, moda creates dynamic experiential courses to kick off a new era of education

Deputy Minister Huai-jen Lee of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda), along with Deputy Director-general Jiunn-Shiow Lin of Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) and his team participated in the “Private 5G Networks Innovative Smart Education Application Experience and Press Conference " held at Ruizhu Elementary School in Nantou. Besides introducing the 5G smart learning application services implemented in Ruizhu Elementary School, the press conference also set up a number of exhibition stands, and the Digital Youth T Ambassadors conducted tours using private 5G networks equipment to showcase the new milestone in digital education.

The Administration for Digital Industries is dedicated to fostering a vertical ecosystem for the application of private 5G networks. To propel digital education in Taiwan, the Administration for Digital Industries has launched the “5G Plus Innovative Applications and System Integration Development Project" in 2023. This initiative harnesses the capabilities of private 5G networks, such as  high-bandwidth, low-latency, and extensive connectivity by implementing XR equipment to create a virtual reality teaching environments, hybrid co-learning spaces, as well as features such as remote museum guided tours, remote crafting courses, immersive English learning, and tablet AR interactive learning.

During the event, Deputy Minister Lee mentioned that wireless equipment in this 5G smart education environment is domestically sourced, showcasing Taiwan's mature supply chain for 5G smart education applications. Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), using Pegatron's private 5G network base station and Compal's terminal equipment, HTC's immersive devices, Corma's application software, and integrated by Huacom. In addition to promoting the expansion of the smart education field, the Administration for Digital Industries also aims to be the driving force behind digital transformation across various industries, accelerating digital transformation through proof of service, constructing a more comprehensive private 5G network ecosystem, and leading various industries towards a digital future.

At the press conference, the Administration for Digital Industries demonstrated the scheduled milestone by implementing private 5G network technology in rural schools. Plans are underway to further connect Ruizhu Elementary School in Nantou and Gongguan Elementary School in Miaoli in 2024 for inter-school exchange learning through private 5G network technology,  expecting to be a role model of digital education in Taiwan.

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