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Cross-department Collaboration to Assist Indie Game Upgrades, Subsidy Plus Investment, to Accelerate Industrial Development

Are you struggling to find resources for developing, marketing indie games, or managing game IPs across different fields? In order to integrate government resources and make it easier for indie game developers to obtain support in product development, marketing, and market channels, the Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) in collaboration with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), which guided by the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) and the Ministry of Culture (MOC), held a press conference on April 22. During the conference, it was announced that cross-department resources would be integrated to link subsidies and investment mechanisms. In the future, teams receiving subsidies from the ADI's "Indie Game Development and Product Value-added Grant Program" can be referred to the TAICCA to seek investment from the National Development Fund (NDF) and related resources. At the same time, the process and documentation review will be simplified to support the development of the indie game industry. 

MODA Deputy Minister Huai-jen Lee expressed during his speech that the ADI has been promoting the "Indie Game Development Grant Program" and various counseling measures since 2010, encouraging Taiwan game teams to develop original content. Through cross-department collaboration with TAICCA this time, to help indie game developer reduce the cost to access investment resources. This collaboration will further help the developers to align with the market and also pre-select outstanding game works worthy of investment for TAICCA, promoting interdisciplinary connections in the indie game industry and enhancing the environment for original content creation and talent development in Taiwan. 

MOC Deputy Minister Sue Wang stated in her speech that Taiwan's ICT industry has received global attention, and she hopes it can also carry Taiwan's cultural content to the world. Whether the "Detention" or "Raid on Taihoku" and other indie games, they all start from the perspective of ordinary people and possess a precious independent spirit in culture. She expressed gratitude for the subsidy programs of the MODA, which allow game teams to complete their works "from 0 to 1". Subsequently, with the participation of the MOC and the TAICCA, subsidies and investments are integrated, enabling developers to progress from "1 to 1.5", "from 1.5 to 2", turning their works into products, making the industry profitable, and creating a positive cycle, giving rise to more excellent works.

TAICCA Chairperson Homme Tsai stated that the indie game industry spans both cultural and technological fields. Through collaboration between the ADI and TAICCA, the subsidies and investment resources beneficial to the industry are integrated. This provides full financial support for the indie game industry, from development and marketing to interdisciplinary and diversified development. They look forward to injecting vitality, assisting developers in creating richer and more influential works with market impact, and expanding the possibilities of Taiwan's cultural content. 

The game team "PHOSEPO" is the first to receive resources from ADI and investment from TAICCA. PHOSEPO indicated that the independent game development grant from ADI provided resources for the team to develop new games, and the project investment from TAICCA allowed the team to expand their IP, develop comics and novels across different fields, and expand international marketing. They believe that the integration of subsidies and investment resources across government agencies not only saves the team’s time in seeking funds but also opens up more opportunities for indie game developers. This integration helps to foster more excellent game works and projects for the industry. "PHOSEPO" received the "Indie Game Development Grant Program" subsidy from ADI in 2023 and also applied for and received project investment from NDF in the same year. 

After integrating resources between ADI and TAICCA, indie game developers selected through ADI's "Indie Game Development and Product Value-added Grant Program" will have access to a "green channel" called "Subsidy plus Investment." They can be referred to TAICCA to apply for investment from NDF and related resources. ADI and TAICCA will assist in simplifying application documents and processes, speeding up investment review procedures, and providing phased funding. This enables developers to obtain the necessary funds in real-time for game development, publishing, marketing, and interdisciplinary development stages. In addition to financial support, TAICCA also provides resources such as the Accelerator, talent development courses from the TAICCA School, legal resource platforms, IP matching, etc. With multiple measures in place, Taiwan's game industry and cultural content can flourish furthermore.

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