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ADI Devoted to Building Diverse Game Ecology 22 Award-winning Friendly Original Games on Grand Display at Taipei Game Show

The 2023 Taipei Game Show opened on February 2. Director-General Jang-Hwa Leua of the Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) spoke at the opening ceremony and presented the “Indie Game Development Award” prizes taking advantage of the event to encourage continuous exposure of original games from Taiwan in international exhibitions. The ADI and organizer also set up the “Indie Game Development Award - Award-winning Works” and the “Great Rating and Great Effort - Amusement Park of Friendly Game” stands for the Show where visitors were invited to experience the games. All were well received.

Director-General Jang-Hwa Leua indicated that games from Taiwan are highly active in markets around the world. The players have spending power and are inclusive and diversified. As such, Taiwan has been reputed as the “touchstone for games to be released in Asia”. Its small-to-medium-sized game teams, in particular, are known for their abundant culture and creativity. “Originality” and “Innovation capability” are prioritized in the development of the game industry. In light of this, the ADI is constantly devoted to supporting self-production and R&D in the game industry and to ensuring a sound and friendly consumption environment for the players.

Director-General Leua further indicated that the relatively small starting scale for venture businesses in the game industry tends to be associated with insufficient resources while games are being developed. To help teams build up their momentum, the ADI is proactively empowering related gaming talent and investing in necessary developmental resources. Through the “Independent Game Development Incentive Program”, it assists and encourages independent game teams develop high-quality original products. The Program began in 2020, and each year, teams of 8 companies are encouraged to develop products. To date, accumulatively, products from the teams of 24 companies have won awards and those from 6 have been successfully introduced to the market and have brought about impressive sales. The current Game Show includes 7 companies with award-winning products under the Program, namely “Recall: Empty Wishes” of PUFF HOOK STUDIO Co. LTD., “The Pawnshop at No. 17” of Glitchport Games, “SUFFOCATE” of Naughty Cow, “Iso Hut Story: The path of a rice breeder” of KBFarmers Games, “Bionic Bay” of Psychoflow Studio, “The Park Project” of THEMEr Design Studio, and “BOBA BASH” of DAONE GAMES to interact with players, test, and optimize their products. For the Program this year, solicitation of products is expected to begin in March. Besides the R&D prize worth more than $10 million, investments will be continued in the future in talent empowerment and industrial matchmaking to bring about new opportunities for the industry together with game development teams.

In the 2023Taipei Game Show( TGS ), besides the special area for displaying games which have won the “Indie Game Development Award” , the ADI has planned a booth “Great Rating and Great Effort - Amusement Park of Friendly Game” ,where exhibited 14 games that have been measured up to the standards of friendly game and 5 Friendly Game Company of Consumer Dispute of Online Game which have been selected form the terms about consumer dispute by consumer ombudsmen of six municipalities.In terms of consumer disseminate, there's 5 checkpoints are designed for visitors to clear a stage and redeem prizes, we hope visitors could know and realize the standards of game rating and also could learn the correct values about consumer safety of games and knowledge of prevention of (online) frauds. The 2023Taipei Game Show is on until February 5., welcome to visit the TGS and wish you had a blast there and return with lots of wonderful gifts!

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