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5G technology empowers "Diabolo Dance Theatre" to create magical performances!

    To enhance the public's sensory experience and promote the digital transformation of the cultural and artistic industry through 5G technology, the Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) of moda has commissioned the Institute for Information Industry (III) to supports in digital translation and 5G mMTC application to create an immersive interactive lighting experience in collaboration with Diabolo Dance Theatre, known as "Taiwan Cirque du Soleil", to produce the immersive experience version of "VALO Duology - Islands". The performance will debut at 7:30 p.m. on May 27th at the National Theater and Concert Hall, and will be the first original 5G multi-link interactive theater performance in Taiwan. Over 1,200 audiences will share a multi-level light-sharing experience, creating not only a new perspective on technology application and digital art but also showcasing the concrete results of the highly integrated technology and art.

    Audrey Tang, the Minister of moda, attended the press conference for the premiere of the "VALO Duology - Islands" presented by the Diabolo Dance Theatre and expressed strong confidence in Taiwan's cultural creativity, integrating 5G application technology and performing arts to bring new services to cultural experiences. She also stated, "Taiwan has embraced Multicultural Concept and National identity. Through 5G digital technology, cultural communication can be endowed with more diverse experiential methods. This can bridge the gap between different cultural communications and transform into new cultural content, which will be the new feature of Taiwanese culture.

    Jang-Hwa Leu, the Director General of Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) of moda, also emphasized the ADI's significant responsibility in leading Taiwan's digital transformation and placing more attention on the development of emerging industries related to cross-field integration. In the case of collaboration with Diabolo Dance Theatre, the use of digital technology to empower interdisciplinary creation and assist in cultural technology services is expected to produce the best results for ecological development, also a model of cross-disciplinary cooperation that utilizes emerging technologies to assist the successful transformation of industries.

    Director Le-Chun Liu of Diabolo Dance Theatre, who comes from cultural and creative industrial background, stated that cross-domain co-creation in the digital and analog fields is not easy, and mutual collisions must avoid overturning. Two key elements are required: story and concept, and the establishment of a common language. Only by merging the two can imaginative space be created. He went on to share that the three major aspects of creation, technical research and development, and terminal devices must be integrated and have a common language. The ultimate goal is to produce the best experience and improve the immersion of the audience, and he is very grateful for the support from ADI of moda, and the role played by III in the "digital translation" in the six-month co-creation process. From the creator's initial imaginative stage to gradually converging into the highest technical feasibility of creative presentation, it was not done to show off technology, but to allow the audience to integrate into the performance, following the flow of light lines, and jointly experiencing the magical journey on stage, creating new sensory experiences.

    Yu-Fan Lin, the senior vice president and director general of the Digital Transformation Research Institute of III, mentioned that this is the first ticket-selling performance featured with 5G large-scale connectivity and application in Taiwan, with a low latency speed of 0.1 seconds. This application covers the National Theater and Concert Hall from the first to the fourth floor, controlling a total of 1,200 light source carriers in a three-dimensional manner. The interactive light effects, color, brightness, and rhythm of at least one terminal device in the space can be controlled in real-time. This high-demand exhibition technology can only be achieved through a 5G resilient network. In the future, it is also hoped to support more Taiwanese cultural teams to jointly promote diverse digital experiences of Taiwanese culture.

    Through 5G low-latency transmission, the audience will experience real-time dynamic lighting effects, such as flashes, wave diffusion, and compact light segments, which accompany the rising and falling of the plots of "Island". The audience will feel as if they are in a fantasy world, wandering in the island constructed by brilliant lighting. The 1.5-hour production includes more than thirty lighting and audience interaction segments, which together present a new page in Taiwan's performing arts through such an experience. This demonstrates the potential of 5G technology in the cultural exhibition field that involves large data transmission, which will help accelerate the deployment and commercialization of Taiwan's 5G technology, promote digital transformation of the industry, and create a wave of data consumption.

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