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CYBER TAIWAN PAVILION, CYBERSEC 2023 kicked off today, with the Ministry of Digital Affairs leveraging Zero Trust Security to build a trustworthy Taiwan

CYBERSEC 2023, a major event for cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific region, will take place from May 9th to 11th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2. Administration for Digital Industries (adi), Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) continues to support the development of domestic cybersecurity solutions. It has set up the CYBER TAIWAN PAVILION to implement the policy goal of "Six Core Strategic Industries with cybersecurity industry as a pillar." 

This year’s CYBER TAIWAN PAVILION brought together 48 cybersecurity companies to display their products and services. In addition to the standard booths, the venue has four thematic exhibitions, including Zero Trust Cybersecurity, Semiconductor Cybersecurity, IoT Cybersecurity, and 5G Cybersecurity. These exhibits demonstrated corresponding solutions in working from homes, offices, situation rooms, semiconductor production lines, and bank vaults, allowing visitors to experience the importance of cybersecurity and how to apply it in practical situations.

Particularly the Zero Trust Cybersecurity zone echoes the zero trust architecture proposed by the National Institute of Cyber Security, which focuses on user identify, device identify, and trust evaluation. The aim is to gradually enhance the cybersecurity strength of government departments and industries through zero trust architecture. Exhibitors include SmartDisplayer, Chelpis, WiSECURE Technologies, DeCloak, showcasing solutions of secure connections and sensitive file management. Changing Information Technology and iForensics exhibit network device certification and security management. PacketX Technology and HwaCom Systems Inc. demonstrate how to strengthen IT/OT information collection and analysis. Cybersecurity Technology Institute of the Institute for Information Industry (III) also presents the Ransomware Intelligent Hunting Platform, which can assist with cybersecurity management and decision-making.

In the Semiconductor Cybersecurity zone, it focuses on how to enhance cybersecurity to avoid massive losses caused by production line shutdowns by compliance with SEMI E187, such as the enhancing cybersecurity measures for Overhead Hoist Transfers by Contrel Technology Co., Ltd. and. Billows UCM. In addition, hardware Trojan detection technology shows the importance of enhancing cybersecurity from the chip design stage and equipment security. In the IoT Cybersecurity zone, together with HUNDURE’S access control system, Cybersecurity Technology Institute demonstrates the importance of IoT products security standards and encourages the public to use IoT devices that have been certified cybersecurity certification. Lastly, the 5G Cybersecurity Zone highlights dedicated network detection technology, which can protect the security of user data transmission by linking to the internet through tested base stations.

Furthermore, CYBER TAIWAN PAVILION will host the Technology Forum during the exhibition. The topics cover zero trust, semiconductors, and offensive-defensive drills. The speakers will also share the cybersecurity consultation resources from adi, including POCs, Cybersecurity Special Interest Group Promotion, Military-Civilian technology research Program, and Cybersecurity evaluation and tests to strengthen the cybersecurity resilience of various industries in Taiwan.

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