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MODA hosts VGW 2023 for young talents to catch the future and free the future with revolutionary digital innovations

Vision Get Wild (VGW), the most iconic awards and exhibition for digital contents in Taiwan, was unveiled in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, May 25–27, 2023. For the first time, VGW 2023 was organized by the government, the Administration for Digital Industries (ADI), MODA. Featuring Catch the Future, Free the Future, VGW 2023 has challenged students from schools across Taiwan to welcome and ride the digital future by showcasing their talents and resilience. In total, 75 departments from 46 schools, along with five eminent companies in the digital industries, viz. Brogent, Moonshine Studio, Muzixiii Studio, Pumpkin VR, and Engine Studios, have participated in the exhibition, hoping to turn a new page for the future in digital contents industry through international cooperation and the revolutionary technology.

VGW has long been the most prestigious competition event for digital design practitioners. This year’s VGW 2023, with its prize money reaching a history high of 1.3 million NT dollars, has received 2488 submissions from 142 departments of 79 schools across Taiwan. To echo MODA’s initiatives to achieve diversities, cooperative creativity, interdisciplinary, public interest, general applications and sustainability in digital development through digital forms, a new award, Award in General Applications has been set up. It is hoped that through international cooperation, technology and for public interests, the emerging talented designers can benefit the general public, put into practice digital empowerment, gap digital divide and discrimination by aligning themselves with the UN’s SDGs. In addition, VGW 2023 has also partnered with Meta’s XR Hub Taiwan by creating the XR Social Interest Award to encourage solving problems with XR technology, initiate the social discourse for public interest and exert positive influence.  

ADI announced that VGW is more than the scratch line for developing digital talents. It will offer opportunities and resources for employment, training, and start-up adventures to forge a close link between outstanding digital designers and the related industries and facilitate designing majors’ employment upon their graduation from schools. MODA has set up the CG ARK at the Asia New Bay Area in Kaohsiung by employing a corporation-guiding approach to incubate start-ups for the next generation so that the new generation will catch the opportunities offered by the future,  spreading their social influence and help build a more inclusive, sustainable free society for the future.

VGW encourages designing students to go wild by riding their adventurous innovation and daring breakthrough to further horizons in future technology. The exhibition also invites renowned companies to showcase their revolutionary innovative cutting-edge digital technology. Brogent, a Kaohsiung-based VR studio globally renowned for its somatosensory technology in virtual immersive experience, will feature its signature 6-axis platform to bring immersive experiences on land, at sea and in the air for F1 car racing, speed boating and pilot training. The 5G real-time F1 Racing VR simulator will join an event later this year in Germany for the world to share Taiwan’s soft power in digital technology.

Furthermore, Moonshine, the XR studio that keeps pushing the limits of innovative technology, has partnered with Ouchhh from Turkiye in showcasing their AIGC technology that integrates interactive computing to create the co-creative XR space for future entertainment.

MODA Deputy Minister Lee Huai-Jen (李懷仁) remarked that since its establish, ADI has devoted itself to the cultivation of promising talents for industry needs. It not only serves as the locomotive for the development of digital content industry at home, but it also serves as the coupling rod to bring together global supply chain partnership in digital industry with Taiwan to foster the civilian digital resilience to haul digital technology development for the society toward the future.

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