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2023 Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Expo Showcases New E-Commerce Momentum

In the post-pandemic era, the digital economy, fueled by the cross-border e-commerce industry, has grown dramatically and plays a critical role. Businesses sell their products to the rest of the world through virtual channels and a flexible cost management model. The grand opening of the two-day spectacular event "2023 Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Expo" organized by the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) and co-supervised by the Administration for Digital Industries, MODA, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA and the Taipei City Government was held at the IEAT Conference Center on April 26, 2023 in order to further promote cross-border e-commerce development and enhance the internationalization and competitiveness of businesses.

The theme of this year's Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Expo will be "request granted in cross-border e-commerce shortcut," with a particular emphasis on three exhibition features, including "multi-platform, multi-link and diversity." Four exhibition areas have been planned, attracting approximately 50 vendors and providing nearly one hundred cross-border e-commerce solutions. 27 seminars with the four themes of "industrial opportunities," "cross-border markets," "digital marketing" and "model research" have been planned for the exp venue. Over sixty professional cross-border e-commerce experts, including Amazon Global Selling General Manager Amanda Chen, Taiwan General Manager Ryan Chen, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Taiwan Person-In-charge Yu Chieh-An, Visa Taiwan General Manager Chao Li-Fang, will be gathered to share first-hand information about the e-commerce market and share the most recent sales strategies and marketing techniques.

According to Administration for Digital Industries, MODA Director-General Lu Cheng-Hua, the demand and supply of trading are now too great for a single physical distribution channel. Administration for Digital Industries' mission is to advance "digital empowerment." Multiple counseling policies have been planned for the e-commerce industry in order to improve the e-commerce retail industry's development environment, encourage innovative upgrading, promote international collaboration and achieve other goals. For instance, assisting SMBs in obtaining relevant information about third-party support service providers via third-party business cloud search services. The Administration for Digital Industries has promoted the digital youth T ambassador plan and the DIGI+Talent cross-domain digital talent upgrading acceleration plan in response to the e-commerce-driven demand for digital talent. Digital talent is fostered in collaboration with national agencies and international corporations. In the second half of this year, the Administration for Digital Industries will host the "e-commerce business negotiation group" aimed at the Japanese e-commerce market, as well as co-organize "Taiwan Select & TOPTHAI" united marketing activities, etc. Businesses involved in e-commerce and technological innovation have been invited to participate in the exchanges. Through government resources and multiple plans, it is hoped that businesses will receive assistance to deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital economy era, thereby mitigating the challenges and difficulties encountered by digital economy industries during rapid transformation and upgrading. Taiwan is anticipated to generate a new wave of cross-border and e-commerce growth momentum.

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