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Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs, in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Signed a MoU to promote digital development

To promote the development and application of digital technology, the Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs (the adi, moda) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on August 14th. This marks the first collaboration memorandum signed by the moda with a multilateral development banks. Both parties aim to establish a mutually beneficial relationship through activities such as research and development, personnel exchange, technology transfer, knowledge sharing, participation in events, and project collaboration. This collaboration is expected to contribute to the advancement of digital development and transformation.

Deputy Minister Huai-jen Lee of the moda expressed his witnessing of the signing, stating that as one of the donor countries of the EBRD, the Country has long been engaged in collaborative efforts to promote green transformation, gender equality, financial innovation, and support for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Country has participated in over 400 EBRD technical cooperation projects and has been involved in several joint financing initiatives through the International Cooperation and Development Fund. With the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today's signed memorandum of understanding will establish a stronger two-way exchange between the Country and EBRD, deepening cooperation in the digital field. The moda will serve as a solid partner for EBRD in promoting regional digitalization of the economy, fostering mutual benefits, and promoting digital resilience in industries and society. This collaboration aims to benefit more international regions and businesses, facilitating transformation and development.

Director-General Jang-Hwa Leu of the adi, representing the signing, emphasized that Taiwan's prowess in the design, research, development, and manufacturing of the information and communication technology industry is well-recognized. This makes the Country a strong pillar of support for the collaboration with the EBRD's Digital Hub. In the future, both sides will mutually share knowledge and experiences in digital technology, smart cities, and cybersecurity. They will also collaborate in cross-domain digital transformation, the application, and integration of artificial intelligence, innovative digital and smart technologies, cybersecurity development, and various international cooperation projects. This collaboration aims to bolster Taiwan's participation in EBRD projects and enhance opportunities for involvement.

The EBRD's Digital Hub was established in 2022, and tasked with coordinating and executing the bank's digital strategy. The hub is committed to advancing digitalization and aiding in the selection of appropriate product and technology suppliers. The director of the Digital Hub, Jacek Kubas, had previously visited the Country and witnessed the presence of cost-effective and competitive cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cross-domain solution providers. This experience has instilled confidence in sharing industrial approaches and jointly planning digital collaboration projects between the Country and the EBRD. He further expressed that the Digital Hub has identified thematic areas, including digital supply chains, urban digitalization, cyber resilience, digital transformation of financial institutions and infrastructure, and digital promotion. The hub eagerly anticipates the participation of more Taiwanese businesses in EBRD projects through the invitation of the moda.

This cross-border digital cooperation memorandum reflects our country's governmental soft power in the digital domain. Through partnerships with international organizations like the EBRD, the moda will assist Taiwanese businesses in entering global markets, expanding international recognition and trust in our digital industry. This collaboration will accelerate the international influence of Taiwan's digital economic development and drive the holistic growth of our digital-related industries.

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