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Innovation in 5G: Industry Collaboration - Press Conference for Private 5G Networks Implementation Verification

The Innovation in 5G: Industry Collaboration - Press Conference for Private 5G Networks Implementation Verification was held by the Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda) today, aiming to encourage the development of innovative applications for Private 5G Networks. The event invited representatives from industry associations, including the '5G Vertical Industry Application Promotion Task Force,' and field operators who have received grants to participate in. Through the launching ceremony, the participants witnessed the significant moment as the Private 5G Networks officially entered the implementation verification and commercialization.

The Launch of Commercialization  for Private 5G Networks 

During his speech, the Deputy Minister Lee Huai-jen of the Ministry of Digital Affairs stated that the 5G era is a crucial moment for digital transformation in Taiwan. Since its establishment, the Ministry of Digital Affairs has an in-depth understanding of industry needs, enabling all walks of life to play more diverse roles in 5G applications and accelerates industrial digital transformation in various industries.

Deputy Minister Lee further explained that since the end of last year (2022), the Ministry of Digital Affairs has established a mechanism for public associations to jointly create the diffusion of innovative applications of Private 5G Networks. 13 associations have set up 5G Vertical Industry Application Promotion Task Forces (SIGs) to develop 5G application blueprints for vertical industries, and leading companies were encouraged to apply for the "Private 5G Networks Innovative Application Diffusion Program",  attracting 43 field operators to apply for subsidies.

In August of this year, through an open mechanism, 33 cases were chosen to integrate 5G application technologies and develop services such as smart manufacturing, smart exhibition and performance, and smart food safety. The practical implementation period for this project is 15 months, hoping to develop product and service innovation and business model innovation through 5G application technology, accelerate the commercialization and implementation of Private 5G Networks, and achieve the diffusion of industrial benefits and the enhancement of social value.

Diversified and innovative applications, including smart manufacturing and smart exhibition and performance

The application subsidy includes seven major fields such as smart manufacturing, smart exhibition and performance, smart accommodation, smart warehousing, smart food safety, smart entertainment, and smart business office, among which the representative case of smart manufacturing is “TAIWAN TAFFETA FABRIC CO., LTD." This company has established a Private 5G Networks, utilizing the high bandwidth and low latency characteristics of 5G to address issues related to the operation and adjustment of hundreds of weaving looms and manpower shortages. It employs immersive simulation-based cloth inspection training to overcome collaboration delays, enhance their competitiveness, and help sustain the textile industry in Taiwan.

In addition, TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has used 5G to achieve digital transformation, and the company has introduced smart warehouse management systems and automated guided vehicle solutions to improve the efficiency of smart manufacturing, which included automated warehousing handling and storage management. In the field of smart exhibition and performance, “CT Ambi Inc. " and " TVBS Media Inc." use the immersive technology and platform for exhibition and performance and conduct remote collaborative programs from different places to develop the emerging business model for 5G cultural technology exhibition and performance, leading the exhibition and performance and communication industry to go its own way.

Leading companies set an example to introduce 5G through the demonstration

The Administration for Digital Industries of moda has gathered the strength of domestic industry associations to create 5G private frequency and private network applications and officially enter the verification and commercialization. At today's event, four industry leaders, including "Textiles," "Exhibition and Creative Culture," "Smart Manufacturing," and "Television and Film", were specially invited to share how Private 5G Networks can be applied to solve industrial pain points and achieve true digital transformation. The Administration for Digital Industries of moda expects vertical industry operators who receive subsidies to create a benchmark for 5G private frequency and private network application services in all walks of life, create a model for digital transformation in various industries, and opens up peer and cross-industry for observation and communication, so as to encourage more enterprises to invest in Private 5G Networks application services confidently, and accelerate industrial digital transformation and upgrading.     

The event invited various industrial leaders, including Vice Chairman Cheng Fu-hsiung of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, Chairman Larry T.W. Wei of the the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, Chairman Juang Iao-maing of the Taiwan Silk & Filament Weaving Industrial Association, Chairman Su Kuo-i of the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association, Chairwoman Lai Seh-Jen of the Taiwan Tourism Interchange Association, Chairman Jeff Tsai of the Taiwan Council of shopping Centers and Commercial Real Estate , Chairwoman Tseng Li-fang of the Taiwan Sheet Metal Management Association, Vice Chairman Huang Cun-hou of the Chinese Meat Association, Vice Chairman Garrick Cheng of the the the Chinese Cultural Creative Exhibition & Performance Association, President Lee Cheng-Chung of the Taiwan Display Union Association, Secretary-General Chi Shu-feng of the NextGen TV and Applications Association, Chief   Executive Director Tsou Po-heng of the Global Logistics & Commerce Council of Taiwan, and Secretary-General Thompson Su of the Taiwan Smart Electric Bicycle Association, among others. These representatives from 13 industry associations and 33 subsidized field operators gathered together, the atmosphere was very heartwarming, and also showed that public-private cooperation to create a new trend of 5G private network applications in Taiwan.

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