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Responsibilities of the Platform Economy Division are as follows:

  1. Promote and guide online retailing and cross-border e-commerce development, improve online transaction environment, enhance online retailers’ (platforms’) digital tool application skills, reinforce online retailers’ cyber security defense capacities, and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to implement mobile payment applications
  2. Plan and guide artificial intelligence (AI) industry development, accelerate industry adoption of AI by subsidizing AI startups and cultivating AI talent, encourage international corporations’ investment in Taiwan, and promote connecting with international community through AI governance
  3. Plan and guide digital content industry development, cultivate emerging technology digital talent by holding competitions and events, build technical exchange platforms by operating digiBlock C and industry technology centers, thus strengthening digital content industry competitiveness
  4. Create innovative information services that connect to the international market, facilitate industry use of civil Internet of Things data, and develop innovative application and Internet of Things solutions
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